Beitrittsdatum: 11. Juli 2022


Comfort wants to meet the sunrise in silence. (Photo from Sergey Smirnov's photobank)

If this is a country house, then by all means such that everything in it is durable, and around it is quiet and comfortable. A comfort person does not like to strain himself: it is desirable that the house or apartment be immediately finished. He doesn't want to waste his energy driving the kids to school, so she has to be around.

Security. The deal must be verified, and the investment must be predictable. The house is only guarded by a concierge. The area is non-criminal. There should not be any roadway on the way to the child's school. It is extremely important what the neighbors will be like.

It is necessary that everything is in order with the documents for real estate - subsequently, this way you can sell the apartment as profitably as possible.


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